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September 2012

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Series of paintings discovered in an abandon mental asylum in Italy.

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This photo has been taken about 15 minutes ago.

As you see it’s reblogged from “savedmaterialofrose” - it’s the URL where I’ve put ALL my site content to save it until I somehow get HXNRYV to stop stealing my materials.

Tumblr automatically updated the URL so the person who STEALS my site content can continue to do so.

The first page of HXNRYV is ONLY from reblogs from my site. My main site is already gone (see and my other followers cannot access and enjoy it. If you go to the new URL, you can see it’s blank, it has no content visible to browse either.

I keep asking the owner of HXNRYV for a week now to stop treating my site as if I prepared it to be her free resource pool. Now it’s obvious that the only activity my asks triggered was that she SAVED all materials related to Henry V (one of my topics on the site) so in case the site would be taken down she’ll still continue to abuse it. And so she does.

Also as you see the post starts with “I have my own idea” - this is not an article that had a source, it’s a post I wrote, based on my ideas, my knowledge, gained through spending my time and my effort reading the books that I spent my money on. It’s by far not the first of my own works, some of them lengthy and opinionated writings, that she used despite my strict forbidding.

She follows the Roseoflancaster URL still and thus tumblr actively assists her giving her my new URL and ‘ignore’ doesn’t keep her away. She is ignored on BOTH Rose URLs. Thanks to her, my main blog is down, inaccessible to ALL of its followers, and she still keeps stealing from it, abusing it - truth be told even if I deleted the whole materials she would continue, she saved them all for that purpose.

I’m devastated. Can nothing be done to stop her?!

Please help me raise tumblr awareness for this abuse, because I’m really out of ideas and I’m just destroyed seeing how nothing works and she lives off me building her whole site and canon from my blog. Please reblog and spread my message and show support that this is just not right.

Thank you very much!

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Ornithophobia /ˌɔː(r)nɪθəˈfəʊbiə/ - fear of birds

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Do not be rude to people who write evil/antagonistic/rude characters, what their muse is like does not reflect on their character. Personal testament states that those who write some of the nastiest baddies are some of the sweetest people outside of character.
Being rude is unnecessary.
They are here to have fun too.

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Also, what do you think of my new page?

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"Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

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I won’t leave again. I cannot… Next time, I will tell you. Next time I will think things through. I’ll never go far. You are the only one that I can stand to be near; that I can stand the touch of. You are the only one that I don’t want to watch die slowly, screaming.

But now… Now I have so many new test subjects to work with, and the lovely equipment at Gotham University. It’s amazing what people will do when they believe that you have good intentions.

I wonder what my volunteers would think of you? Just another nightmare from their chemical-pickled brains.

…Now I’m wondering why you didn’t bring me a present from work.

Soon enough, you will get your time with my test subjects. But I thought that a clean slate was better suited as a gift. Especially when dealing with this calibre of chemicals.

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